Jostedalsbreen National Park covers an 1315 square kilometres, nestled between two of the world’s longest fjords, Sognefjorden and Nordfjord. The actual glacier is the largest glacier on the European mainland. The park also includes many smaller glaciers, and the entire area is marked by dramatic changes in nature over short distances. From fjords and lush farmland, to barren mountain and glacial areas. Rushing creeks, rivers and mountain waterfalls mark the area. The national park is one of the largest wilderness areas remaining in Southern Norway. Jostedalsbreen is used for outdoor sports, education, and research, while the surrounding valleys are used for farming.  



Why protect it?


The purpose of Jostedalsbreen National Park is to protect a large, varied and valuable glacial landscape, as well as the surrounding areas. The protected areas span from the low-lying valleys to the high alpine mountains, with the plant and animal life, as well as the geological wonders all protected. Also included cultural heritage sites and landscapes. The national park is meant to provide the opportunity for participation in traditional outdoors sports, not dependent on significant facilities.


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Norwegian Glacier Museum



Glacier Center


Jostedalsbreen National Park Center


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